ACAL Energy

| Releasing power from chemistry

ACAL Energy Ltd is the world's leading developer of low cost Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells, powered by ACAL Energy's proprietary platinum free cathode technology (FlowCath®).

ACAL Energy is developing Fuel Cell systems, modules and consumable chemicals for a range of uses including stationary, residential and automotive applications requiring larger than 1 kW of power. Its radical innovative designs will deliver substantial cost savings and performance improvements that will accelerate the adoption of PEM Fuel Cell technologies in key markets.

Fuel Cells are an electrochemical system that converts chemical energy to electrical power directly. The core technology has been around for more than a hundred years but has only been commercially developed in the last 50 years.

Fuel Cells are a clean and efficient technology used to generate electricity. Fuel Cells are poised to become the leading energy source of the 21st century in a range of applications such as transport, stationary power and even laptop computers.


January 2009 - ACAL Appoints VP Engineering FULL STORY

November 2008 - ACAL Energy raises £3.3m venture funding 


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