Extended run time off grid power

Today’s solution to off grid power, whether it’s backup; standby or just stand alone, is to either use a diesel generator or batteries. The former are noisy, polluting, cumbersome and often expensive to maintain and not suitable in many locations. Banks of batteries have very limited run time, and can take up a lot of physical space.

Fuel cell systems, using packaged supplies of hydrogen can offer an ideal solution in applications where longer run times are needed and where diesel generators would be too dirty and noisy. A fuel cell system will provide DC power for as long as fuel is available. The system is compact, quiet and emission free.

ACAL Energy is developing an 10-30kW uninterrupted power supply module with unlimited start stop capability, which will be highly efficient (reducing operating costs) and reliable, for safe use in either indoor or outdoor use; ideal for small to medium scale data centres, computer backup systems and any critical use application.