About Us

ACAL Energy Ltd is a developer of Fuel Cell systems, modules and consumable chemicals for a range of uses including stationary, residential and automotive applications requiring larger than 1 kW of power. Its innovative designs will deliver substantial cost savings in Fuel Cell systems and performance improvements in PEM ('Proton Exchange Membrane') that will accelerate the adoption of PEM Fuel Cell technologies in key markets.

ACAL Energy was founded in August 2004 to research and optimise Dr Andrew Creeth's invention for addressing the inherent technical limitations of the cathode side of membrane based Fuel Cells. Dr Creeth has been working in the field for more than 20 years and has synergized recent advances in chemistry with a process developed in the 1950's.

With funding from the RisingStars Growth fund, a Feasibility Grant for R&D from the DTI and incubator support from the Carbon Trust the company demonstrated that the technology has the potential to address hugely significant issues that are preventing the commercialisation of this new energy technology.

ACAL Energy is based in the North West of England at The Heath Business and Technology Park in Runcorn. Its current laboratory and commercial facilities have continually expanded to accommodate the company's in house chemistry development team and engineering resources. The company also has facilities in the North East of England (at the Fuel Cell Application Lab with CPI at Wilton) to have access to state of the art fuel cell testing and support equipment.

To support its own facilities ACAL Energy has R&D collaborations in place with a number of the UK's leading centres for research on Fuel Cells and its related technologies including The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, The University of Manchester, and C Tech Innovation Ltd.

ACAL Energy employ leading scientists and engineers in the Fuel Cell arena. Over 90% of the staff are graduates and they are led by a strong executive team who hold a wealth of knowledge and experience. The company is in the process of extending its relationships into partnerships with global players that are developing Fuel Cells for electronic and automotive applications.