Press Releases

15 Mar 2016 | ACAL present at Birmingham Fuel Cell Conference

12th International Conference on The Commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cel Technology, held at Birmingham NEC

1 Dec 2015 | ACAL Partners with University of Chester

Partnership to support ACAL Energy commercialisation strategy

The Chemcal Engineering Department at the University of Chester and ACAL will work together on a number of customer funded projects to further the commecialisation of POM catlyst technology called "FlowCath®"

13 Sep 2015 | A Creeth Presents at Fuel Cell Membrane Conference

EFCD Conference in Montpellier Fuel Cells and Electrolysera

Presentation about the enhanced performance available from POM catalysts in PEM fuel cells

12 Mar 2015 | ACAL/BMW joint POM patent published

Patent number WO2015032880

2 Feb 2015 | Change of Directors

ACAL Energy is pleased to announce that Mike Baunton is the new Non-Executive Chairman of the company.

7 Nov 2014 | ACAL Wins Automotive Innovation Award

North West Automtoive Alliance nominates ACAL Energy as the Innovation of the year award

24 Apr 2014 | ACAL Energy Nomiated for Innovation Award

Energy Innovation Awards 2014 - ACAL nominated in the SME Innovation award

Andy Creeth receives the runner-up award for the SME Innovation award and a commendation from the Judging Panel 

28 Jun 2013 | ACAL Energy System Breaks The 10,000 Hour Endurance Barrier.

ACAL Energy System Breaks The 10,000 Hour Endurance Barrier

26 Feb 2013 | ACAL Energy celebrates 8,000 hours of fuel cell durability testing with no degradation

ACAL Energy, the clean power company behind the world’s first low-cost high performance hydrogen fuel cell, has passed 8,000 hours of testing, the equivalent of 250,000 road miles, without any degradation.

26 Feb 2013 | ACAL Energy Appoints New CEO

Ready for Commercialisation

The company is happy to annouce the appointment of Greg McCray as its new Chief Executive. McCray will lead the company through its next round of funding and product trials in the automotive and stationary power industries as the company moves towards the commercialisation of its technology.