Press Releases

2 Feb 2015 | Change of Directors

ACAL Energy is pleased to announce that Mike Baunton is the new Non-Executive Chairman of the company.

28 Jun 2013 | ACAL Energy System Breaks The 10,000 Hour Endurance Barrier.

ACAL Energy System Breaks The 10,000 Hour Endurance Barrier

26 Feb 2013 | ACAL Energy celebrates 8,000 hours of fuel cell durability testing with no degradation

ACAL Energy, the clean power company behind the world’s first low-cost high performance hydrogen fuel cell, has passed 8,000 hours of testing, the equivalent of 250,000 road miles, without any degradation.

26 Feb 2013 | ACAL Energy Appoints New CEO

Ready for Commercialisation

The company is happy to annouce the appointment of Greg McCray as its new Chief Executive. McCray will lead the company through its next round of funding and product trials in the automotive and stationary power industries as the company moves towards the commercialisation of its technology.

24 Oct 2012 | ACAL Energy staff member meets BIS Secetary Dr Vince Cable

Amanda Lyne, ACAL Energy's VP Business Development included

  Rt Hon Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills met with Liverpool City Region LEP representatives last week. (Thursday 18th October 2012). The Business Secretary was welcomed by LEP Deputy Chair Asif Hamid.

2 Oct 2012 | Brendan Bilton Presents at Cleantech Investor conference

Fuel Cells' time is here

A number of fuel cell and related companies, inclduing ACAL Energy presented at a recent investor forum; proving that the sector is poised to have it's time again. View Brendan's presentation on YouTube    

4 Sep 2012 | ACAL Energy Raises Further Funds

Company Well Placed to Achieve its Commercialisation Goals

ACAL Energy, the leading developer of platinum free cathode fuel cell technology, has secured another successful round of investment finance, enabling it to strengthen the research and development of its affordable fuel cell systems.

14 Mar 2012 | ACAL Energy Shows New Fuel Cell Stack Design

High Level of Interest Shown at FC EXPO

ACAL Energy attracted a lot of interest at the FC EXPO show recently, when it unveiled a new, compact, low cost fuel cell stack design with a rated power of 12 kW and a power density of over 1 kW per litre. The new design is six times smaller than the previous generation, and is expected to be of interest in both automotive and stationery power generation applications.

23 Feb 2012 | Official Handover to Solvay Interox is a huge sucess

ACAL Energy’s fuel cell technology was centre-stage for a meeting of the great and the good in UK technology. With our partners, we hosted a meeting for around 60 people at the Solvay Interox site in Warrington. The principal purpose of the event was to mark the handover of the first FlowCath® fuel cell system to be installed in a working application. This 3kW unit is providing round-the-clock back-up power for an effluent clean-up plant.

19 Jan 2012 | ACAL Energy Shows a Step Change in Fuel Cell Durability is Achievable

A Route to Affordable Fuel Cell Vehicles

ACAL Energy has completed an important step in a rigorous testing programme designed to evaluate the durability of its FlowCath® fuel cell platform. The results confirm that the platinum-free liquid cathode system, FlowCath® inherently eliminates many of the causes of lost performance in both continuous operation and in auto cycling. It has the potential greatly to assist the cost-down strategies of vehicle OEMs looking to deploy fuel cells.