Commercial & Industrial CHP Applications

When compared with combustion engines in localised CHP generation systems, fuel cells are cleaner, quieter and more efficient. ACAL Energy is developing a 10-200kW PEM type fuel cell power module that when integrated with heat management and fuel supply (onsite hydrogen; or reformed hydrocarbons) will be cost competitive to conventional technology; targeted to enable developers and facilities managers, achieve operational cost savings on their energy use within 5/6 years of capital investment.

At the heart of ACAL Energy’s unique approach is the application of FlowCath ® platinum free cathode technology that not only reduces capital cost, but is inherently more durable than conventional PEM fuel cell systems. The company is working with system developers to demonstrate and optimise the technology for use in scaled systems, particularly for those industrial users that have bi-product hydrogen on site; and commercial applications where a flexible balance of heat and electricity is most beneficial.         

ACAL Energy’s Fuel Cell CHP technology can provide affordable combined heat and power of the future.